We're on a mission to prove that

Regenerative grazing is the most profitable way to ranch.

We invest in and operate high potential B2B companies across the regenerative value chain.

About us

We’re accelerating the
world’s transition to Regenerative Agriculture

We launch scalable, repeatable businesses using a common sense approach to help the Regenerative economy reach a tipping point.

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Investing across the entire ecosystem

A vision for success - from land to shelf

We invest in businesses across the entire chain creating new markets and opportunities for the entire ecosystem.


Rancher gets higher yield per acre while reducing costly inputs. Ecosystem credits (such as carbon removal credits) enhance income. Food produced garners premium in marketplace given high nutrition, environmental impacts and animal welfare.

Supply chain

Distributed supply chain that offers ranchers access to high quality processing at scale pricing. Value added revenues emerge and enhance economics - including ethical and high value offal, leather and other goods


The consumer demands regenerative driving premium prices and increased margins. Higher volumes create economies of scale that reduce consumer price and protect rancher margin.

Our Portfolio

Our Family of Companies

Range Ward

Professional, portable electric fencing tools for the use and management of grazing animals.

Grassroots Carbon

The easy way to buy and sell nature-based carbon storage, which is measured, independently certified, and flexible.

Powerflex Fence

The leading retailer for regenerative grazing farm and ranch products.

Cream Co. Meats

A 100% natural whole-animal butchery and distributor for sustainable & regenerative ranches

True Algae

Provides micronutrient dense algae products to nourish the soil, while developing ways to utilize algae in food, feed and nutritional supplements.

Pasture Map

Grazing Management & Livestock Software. Enables better grazing management decisions so ranchers get the most from their land.

Grazing Lands

Leases ranches for grazing livestock, using regenerative practices to improve soil health, biodiversity and sequester carbon.

Wholesome Meats

Regenerative Grass-Fed Beef sourced from dedicated regenerative ranchers who focus on raising healthy and happy cows.

“After 15 years of bootstrapping Range Ward, I am excited to partner with business experts who share our passion for Regenerative Agriculture. Soilworks will provide a foundation for future growth.”

Norm Ward
Founder, Range Ward
Investing Success + Regenerative Ag Experts

Ideal partners for you and your business

It’s important to us that both your Regenerative business and team are treated right. We invest equally in your business and your team to build upon the success you have already achieved.

We are a team of hands on operators who are passionate about scaling Regenerative Ag companies – and we have a great time doing it.

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