We scale great companies into great businesses

We acquire and operate Regenerative Agriculture companies - taking a common sense approach to business growth.

We invest in businesses across the entire Regenerative grazing value chain creating new markets and opportunities for the whole ecosystem.

Founder focused acquisitions

A home for your company and people to lay down roots.

It’s important to us that both your business and team are treated right.  We invest equally in your product and your team to build upon the success you have already achieved.

Founder Flexibility

Stay on or sail off into the sunset - up to you.

Streamlined Deals

We move fast. An average of 30-60 days.

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Thriving Regen Community

Passionate teams all under one roof

Watch how our companies are having an impact.

We're helping ranchers move beyond the "farmers market mentality" to launch scalable, profitable businesses across the entire regenerative value chain.

Focused and Sincere

Partners in Growth

We re-energize your companies purpose, mission and vision with a team of dedicated growth experts, new leadership and valuable shared resources.

Portfolio collaboration makes Soilworks greater than the sum of its parts. It puts businesses in a strong position to succeed. We use low to no debt and reinvest every dollar of profit back into growth.

Greener Pastures for you, your company and people.

What you do with your proceeds is up to you. Team up with us to achieve your company's next phase of growth, or start the next venture that you have been dreaming of.

  • The liquidity you deserve
  • Honor your legacy
  • Your team stays

“We had always been positioning our company to sell and we found the perfect partner in Soilworks.”

Christine Su
CO-Founder, PastureMap
Our Portfolio

Our Family of Companies

Range Ward

Professional, portable electric fencing tools for the use and management of grazing animals.

Grassroots Carbon

The easy way to buy and sell nature-based carbon storage, which is measured, independently certified, and flexible.

Powerflex Fence

The leading retailer for regenerative grazing farm and ranch products.

Cream Co. Meats

A 100% natural whole-animal butchery and distributor for sustainable & regenerative ranches

True Algae

Provides micronutrient dense algae products to nourish the soil, while developing ways to utilize algae in food, feed and nutritional supplements.

Pasture Map

Grazing Management & Livestock Software. Enables better grazing management decisions so ranchers get the most from their land.

Grazing Lands

Leases ranches for grazing livestock, using regenerative practices to improve soil health, biodiversity and sequester carbon.

Wholesome Meats

Regenerative Grass-Fed Beef sourced from dedicated regenerative ranchers who focus on raising healthy and happy cows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my team? Do they need to move to San Antonio?

Finding great people is one of the biggest challenges growing companies face, so it's actually important to us that yours are a part of our future. We don't force anyone to relocate to San Antonio (though we would love to have them!) and operate multiple businesses with offices in other locations.

How long does your process usually take?

Once you're ready, we can move fast given that we look at businesses with similar dynamics every day, and we have a  straight-forward and standard set of legal and diligence requests. Generally, any slow-down is on the company side as they prepare diligence information they may not have on hand. First call to term sheet can be as quick as 2 weeks, and from term sheet to close, between 30 and 60 days, on average.

Does the location of my company matter to you?

We have acquired companies in the U.S. and internationally, and will continue to do business wherever we can find great companies. Post-investment or acquisition, we do prefer our companies to have critical mass in or around San Antonio, Texas; however, we are supportive of wherever businesses do business best.

Do I need to stay with the business post-investment or acquisition?

No, you don’t. We see Soilworks as the next phase of growth in a company’s evolution, and believe that scaling a company from $0–5m in ARR requires a different skillset than taking one from $5–20m, so a fresh perspective with more experience in the latter can be beneficial. That being said, founders have invaluable knowledge and we are thrilled if founders would like to stay on in a functional role (for example, CTO, CMO, etc.). However, historically many we have worked with have a new role or project in mind.

How do you value businesses?

Like most private equity investors, we value companies on a number of metrics, the important being scale and growth. Others considerations include customer base profile, gross margin, profitability, funnel metrics, and position in the market.

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